4th of July DUI Checkpoints

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The 4th of July weekend is upon us! This is a holiday where people have picnics, watch fireworks, and yes, drink. Obviously, if you do drink, you should consider having a designated driver to get you home safely. You should also know that area police are stepping up their efforts to locate, stop, and arrest drunk drivers.

Here are some links to stories on police departments in the Lehigh Valley that are doubling down on their DUI efforts this holiday weekend. I’ve also provided a link to a Facebook page which publishes information on DUI checkpoints.

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the holiday and stay safe! As always, if you find yourself in trouble, contact The Fliszar Firm for a free consultation.

Sobriety Checkpoints Planned in Northampton County

DUI Checkpoints Planned for 4th of July Weekend

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