“Attorney Fliszar did a wonderful job wih my case. I was faceing three years in state prision and she got me probation. She was very kind and has real genuine feelings for her clients. Miss Fliszar was very professional in the court room and gave her all fighting for me. I would recomend her for anyone who needs a tough fighter in court. She kept in touch with me and promptly returned my calls and emails. Her knowledge was exceptional and I was amazed by her attitude towards justice. She will fight and fight hard.”

“Jenna Fliszar is well rounded, extremely knowledgeable lawyer. She normally handles criminal law, DUIs, and social security cases, but was happy to draft and review a contract for my company. I have been extremely pleased with her professionalism, communication, and legal advice thus far. Highly recommended!”

“Attorney Fliszar wrote 2 contracts for me. They were professionally written for a loan to a friend. Jenna is very communicative and works well with her clients. I would highly recommend Jenna for DUI cases as well after talking to her about all of her training…She is certified to train people to perform field sobriety tests! How many lawyers can say that? And she’s not afraid to take cases to trial!”

“Jenna Fliszar did an outstanding job on our cases. She is hard working, understands what needs to be done to get a favorable outcome, and is relentless in getting that outcome. Dealing with other lawyers in the past she is by far the best with communication. I know i contacted her on a number of occasions and received a response in ample time. What could have been upward of 6 months or more of jail time turned into only 60 days and released. Great job by her. Jenna Fliszar is highly recommended by me.”

“Jenna did an excellent job representing me at a hearing. She was prepared to present my case to the magistrate, asked appropriate questions of the officers and witnesses, referred to case law when defending my position to the judge, and was professional in all interactions. I was very pleased with her conduct and representation.”

“Attorney Fliszar represented me recently in a DUI case…and all charges were dismissed!!! Jenna EASILY has the most extensive advanced training in DUI defense of any Lehigh Valley lawyer. I did my research when hiring her, and it sure paid off. She knows the law; sometimes I thought she knew it better than the judge in the case, telling him the cases that supported her defense, and using the evidence in our favor. Her responsiveness was incredible, even taking calls past her office hours, and walking me through each step in the process. I’ve had other attorneys disappear after I paid them their retainer, but Jenna was different. It’s cheesy, but it seemed like she truly cared about me and my situation, and wanted to fight for me. I really appreciated her level of dedication to my case. I highly recommend Attorney Fliszar for DUI defense in the Allentown / Bethlehem / Easton area.”

“Unfortunately my child was caught with drug paraphernalia on school property. Upon learning this I contacted Atty Fliszar immediately to determine our best course of action. She reviewed with me the possible scenarios that could play out and what steps we would need to take in each instance. She was readily available for updates as we received additional information and advised us how to proceed. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel better prepared as we dealt with this situation. Fortunately as a minor first offender my child was offered Youth Aid and was not required to appear in court; however had she been formally charged and had to appear in court I have full confidence that Atty Fliszar would have provided excellent representation. While I hope it will not be necessary to utilize her services in the future I would not hesitate to contact her again in the future if there was a need.”